ZpbPCUaZ-bk-IU1XI6K8TIO4Hu8KUyZsVeL6F-n6fHE,Y7SGOfOzoJzujjoCBV3RIykIdlGP8y2p-Kw155fQrs4 - Version 4Hi, and welcome to my blog. My entry into the world of social media has been gradual. I first joined authonomy (a HarperCollins run site) to get some feedback on my manuscript and I met some great authors on the site. Keeping in touch with my authonomy-author friends was the reason I joined Facebook and it has had a domino effect since then, as I joined other social media sites.

My journey to indie publishing my debut novel, My Big Greek Family, in October 2013 has taken me along paths I had not expected. In 2011 I thought the only viable option was to  pursue the traditional publishing route, but attending the London Book Fairs over a four-year period led me to follow a different path. I talk more about this in my ALLi guest blog post, if you want to check it out:

It is an exciting time to be a writer, to reach readers and to be part of the generous writing community. At the heart of my blog is the spirit of sharing; I hope to share my writing/publishing/book discoverability experiences and invite authors to talk about their work. The publishing landscape is changing at such a rapid pace that each year I attend the London Book Fair I am struck by the increased opportunities to reach readers and connect with other writers.

2 Responses to Maria

  1. I wonder if the sisters share their yummy recipes?

  2. Well, there are some recipes on my author website of Greek dishes that are mentioned in the book. I was going to add recipes at the back of the book, but added a family tree instead because it is a big family and will use author website and newsletter for recipes.

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